Shield Your Car Against Rock Chips, Scuffs & Scratches with our PPF Coating For Car

Installing a paint protection film is a way to shield your car’s exterior. It helps to maintain its glamorous and sparkly look. But for that to happen, you need to consult an auto detailing expert to maximize its benefits for an extended period. 

Ideally, the car detailers apply this coating on the most vulnerable parts like bumpers, hood, door handles, and other exposed parts. 

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Front & Rear Bumper


Front & Rear Bumper, Fender all sides, Side Skirting


Front & Rear Bumper, Side Skirting, Front Hood, SideMirror


Complete Car

But it doesn’t stop with the treatment process alone. While it does require some care, the after-care is relatively easy compared to a car without any PPF film. 

Here’s what you need to do!

After Installation

One of the most important steps once your car gets its PPF coat. So, this is what you must never do.

  • You should never wash your vehicle or apply any wax for at least the first seven days. It’s because the water present between the paintwork and film has still not evaporated. It might cause a hindrance to the curing process.
  • You should never pop up the bubbles that are visible underneath your PPF. The solution used during the treatment solution might form bubbles. It will dissipate by itself within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • If it’s possible, try to avoid driving the car for a week. This will reduce any healing process mess up.

Cleaning your car

Now enter the maintenance practice after the first week of installation. Here’s what you must do.

  • Whenever you clean your car, try to keep the washer at a minimum distance of 1ft. It will help you avoid lifting the film from your vehicle.
  • You can clean the edges of your car using a clean cloth.
  • Make sure to hydrate your car’s exterior surface if you want to wipe off the dust. This will reduce the chances of damaging the PPF.

Other Considerations

  • A PPF film is a porous film, so if dust stays for long, it can contaminate the film and cause fading after some time. However, if you apply a car sealant, it won’t let that happen. It will protect the PPF from any contaminants. You can also use ceramic coating instead of opting for sealants or wax.

You must consult car detailers to apply car sealants or ceramic coats on your car to maintain the gleaming look. With this, the maintenance of your vehicle will become a lot easier. All you would need is water or liquid soap to clean your car, and you will be all set. 

  • You must avoid any harsh chemicals that are corrosive in nature. For instance, tar or bug removers, or degreasers are products that can harm the protective film. 
  • Remove any bird droppings or natural contaminants right away. In short, don’t let it sit on the PPF, or else it will fade the paintwork.

Maintenance Tips

  • Never apply any polishing product to the film.
  • Never clean your car in direct sunlight.
  • Avoid dyed sealants.
  • Clean your car using a microfiber cloth. 
  • Use neutral pH products.
  • Opt for hand detailing to avoid any PPF damage.