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All you need to know about Car Modification

The number of cars is increasing on Indian roads. And the enthusiasm towards car modification is growing in a similar manner. The primary reason for this is the urge to make their vehicles stand out. 

Not only it helps you make it stand apart in terms of appearance, but it’s also quite helpful in improving the performance of the vehicle. 

Wondering what we are talking about?

Modifications are the changes made to any vehicle either by altering its look or performance or sometimes both. Ideally, you can opt for three essential car modifications.

Performance modification:

This modification aims to upgrade the performance of your vehicle. Such modifications mainly boost the power, handling, or fuel efficiency of a car. Here’s what car detailing experts do when it comes to performance modifications.

  • Brakes upgrade
  • Transmission upgrade 
  • Engine supercharging
  • Suspension upgrade 
  • Free flow exhaust system
  • Air filter change

Functional modification:

In this, the detailing experts add certain functions into the vehicle like sunroofs, air conditioning, car phone, navigation system, and so on. They are also known as functionals mods. 

Such modifications help improve the performance of the vehicle. Besides the ones mentioned above, you can get many types of functional modifications like:

  • Parking sensors
  • New car lights
  • Hand controls

Aesthetic modification:

Car enthusiasts mainly do this kind of modification to improve the appearance of their vehicles. These are also called cosmetic modifications since they aim to make a visual difference. It could be anything from new paint to steering cover changes. Check out some of the popular aesthetic improvements that everyone loves.

  • Bumpers (front and rear end)
  • Rooftop vents
  • Paint jobs
  • Neon lights
  • Tinted windscreens
  • Reflector lights (back bumper)
  • Dashboard (wooden)

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What to do before starting the search?

You must look for reputable stores or car detailers and keep your budget in mind before saying “yes” to any type of modification. Something popular now might not be worthy after a while. This is why consulting car detailing experts is of utmost importance.

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We provide services with precision and care. If you want your car to be handled by experts, Zar detailing is your go-to solution. We offer services that help our customers experience happiness when riding their cars. 

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