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Protecting your car’s exterior is one way to keep its value on the higher end. Usually, the providers of professional car detailing in Panchkula often take the help of a car sealant to give your car a layer of protection. It enables them to keep the paintwork shiny and safe. 

Car paint sealants are known to last longer than wax and help owners give their car an excellent finish and protect it from elements. Thus, making it a popular choice.

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We Professionals of Car Detailing Panchkula Use Hyper Boost To Repel Water.



Car sealants or popularly known as paint sealants, have a solid hydrophobic property. In other words, it stands against water, dirt, debris, mud, and all the stuff making hand washing and drying very easy. In fact, the providers of professional car detailing in Panchkula suggest that it will be effective against bird droppings, acid rain, and bug splatter.

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High - Gloss Finish

This paint sealant will give your car treated with Hyper Armor a high gloss finish that enhances its shine and protects it from getting faded. In short, it will keep the underneath paint safe from hazardous materials. Plus, it will protect your car’s paint from the dirt that often sits on it while washing.

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Easy Application

Applying car sealant is very easy. All you need is an applicator sponge and use a dime-sized drop of two of the product. Just rub it across the painted surface in a criss-cross pattern, and you will be done completing one section. Repeat the steps.

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UV - Protection

You can’t keep your car inside a parking lot forever. So, you need something to deflect harmful UV rays, right? And if you live in a hot environment, you will need a product to protect your car’s paint from fading. A paint sealant does just that. It provides the protection that you crave. You can say goodbye to unsightly signs of damage.

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After - Care Maintenance

Most car sealants stay for around 6 months to a year before requiring any replacement, especially if you hire a provider offering professional car detailing in Panchkula. Applying this product makes it easier for the owner to wash the car since it stops grime or dust from sticking to the paintwork.

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Short - Term Durability

This product contains polymers that seal the paint. Thus, it improves durability. Plus, like we already mentioned, it protects the exterior from UV damage and other harmful factors, making it an excellent option to keep your car’s pristine look safe.

Frequently Asked questions

  • Why do you need a paint sealant?

Whether you have a new or old car, it contains tiny pores in paint. Thus, it makes it vulnerable to exposure to UV rays, acid rain, rock salt, etc. So, as per the experts of professional car detailing in Panchkula, using a car sealant allows you to protect it with a durable paint sealant.

  • Why should you choose paint sealant when you have wax?

Wax generally provides good protection. However, the time frame is very short. In fact, wax dissolves or can be easily washed off, which isn’t the case with paint sealants.

  • How long does this treatment take?

The experts providing professional car detailing in Panchkula will only need your vehicle for a day. So, you can leave the vehicle overnight and get a shiny car back within 24 hours.