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Treat yourself to our detailing services, where our professionals efficiently clean your vehicle. We have a team of experts who will care for your vehicle’s detailing needs and help you take back a gleaming car.

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Professional car detailing is a way to restore your vehicle to a brand new condition. They are usually labor-intensive and more precise. This is why professional car detailing must be done with the help of car professionals who provide such services. 

We, at Zar detailing, provide professional detailing services using the right methods and quality products. Here’s what you can expect from us when you come to us for car detailing services.

Car Detailing- Exterior

In this, we will provide the following services.

  • Car wash and dry – This will be done by hand using our specialized products. We will not leave any area unclean. Even the sites that aren’t accessible easily will be free from dust and grime. 
  • Polishing – We will polish the exterior of your car to disappear the small scratches in the paintwork. 
  • Waxing/ Sealing – We will uplift your car’s shine and aesthetic appeal with our high-quality products. 

Our services usually include engine detailing, headlights polishing, repair, and touch-ups.

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Car Detailing - Interior

In this, we will provide the following services.

  • Complete Car Vacuum: We will clean all the debris present in the interiors of your car. 
  • Brushing: We will remove any unwanted strain on the carpets or floor mats. 
  • Cleaning using steam: We will use steam cleaning to make the area clear if there are any tough stains.
  • Glass Cleaning: We will make sure that the glass accessories of your car, like windows and windshields, are sparkling clean.

Besides these, we will also opt for leather cleaning or perfuming to leave your car perfectly clean and new.

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Additional Services

We offer additional services as well. These include:

  • Paint correction: This is a process that takes away any errors present in the top coat of the paint. For instance, it will help you get rid of dullness or oxidation. 
  • Ceramic Coating: We have a high-quality product available that helps to add a protective layer to the paintwork. This is quite an effective alternative to wax polishing.
  • PPF: We provide a product that’s suitable for protecting your car’s exterior from environmental hazards like scratches, UV light, acid rain, and so much more. 

Besides this, we also provide wax polishing and paint sealant services. Just bring your car to us, get the best package for your vehicle and take back a brand new car. 

Looking for professional car detailing services?

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We are trustworthy and reliable detailers in the Tricity that will help to bring back the shine in your lovely car. We have years of experience that gives us the confidence of delivering good quality work every single time.

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