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crystal armor

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In the world of auto-detailing, where the attention is mainly focused on the vehicle and its appearance, many forget about windshields or glass.

But preserving its shine is of utmost importance. That’s where ceramic paint protection comes into the picture. 

Let’s not forget keeping the windows clear is one of the most essential elements of driving. It will help protect yourself and your loved ones. 

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Ceramic Paint Protection Scratch & Dirt Resistant

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Extremely Hydrophobic

The ceramic paint protection offered by the Zar Detailers provides the car owners a clear and impeccable driving experience. The elements present in the products are focused on making your car’s class clear and transparent for better visibility.

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Scratch & Dirt Resistant

Adding a layer of ceramic paint protection helps protect your car’s glass and windshield from light scratches or scuffing. The rigid layers increase your car’s abrasion resistance.

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One of the most apparent advantages of using ceramic paint protection. It will protect your vehicle’s glass windows from intense environmental conditions. Plus, it will also repel any harmful chemicals, giving your car the ultimate protection it needs.

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Easy Cleaning

Cleaning windows can be a pain if there are so many contaminants dried on their surface. With ceramic paint, you can easily clean the glass. Since it is hydrophobic in nature, it will keep the gunk away from the glass. Thus, increasing the clarity.

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Perfect Clarity

With a ceramic coating, you can clean the imperfections of your glass surface, which will give it the clarity that a simple glass cleaner can provide.

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Improved Visibility

To stay focused on the road, you need to maintain visibility. To get maximum visibility even during a downpour, you must opt for ceramic paint protection. It will act as a repellent to bird droppings, insect remains, plant matter, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is putting ceramic paint protection on glass worth it?

Yes, it is! Applying ceramic glass coating on windshields and windows will keep it looking sleek and fresh. It will last for many years.

  • How is a coating applied?

The coating is carefully applied by the professionals one panel at a time, covering the exterior surfaces. They work in a way to achieve a good bond to the paintwork.

  • What routine should you follow for the maintenance?

We advise that every 12 months, you must thoroughly decontaminate your vehicle to remove any fallout deposits. Then apply a ceramic coating and enhance its luster and shine.

  • How long does it last?

The ceramic paint protection usually stays for years. But it highly depends on the type of coating and your surroundings.

If you maintain the coating as advised by the car detailers, it can last for several years. Use a pH-neutral shampoo and hydrophobic spray to clean your car if you are doing it independently.

Ceramic Paint Protection Scratch & Dirt Resistant