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Clear Zar Shield

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Clear Zar Shield is our Paint Protection Film to Shield Your Car & Dry Cleaning Services to Guard Your Interior.

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This Paint Protection Film boasts a range of benefits if you consider a ppf coating for car. You can expect the following advantages switching to Clear Zar Shield. 

  • Prevents water spots or mineral marks.
  • Protects your car against the UV damage 
  • Prevents chips or scratches.
  • Protects against chemical stains.

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If you want to invest in PPF Coating, you might be interested in knowing what you will get in return. Isn’t it? Let’s talk about a few of the many benefits right now!

High-Gloss Finish: 

While many PPFs around might only work on improving the shine of your car, Clear Zar Shield will give your car a glossy finish. In fact, it will help you create a brilliant finish to your car’s exterior. In short, it will give your car a customized and brilliant look after application. Amazing?

Resistant to Stains: 

Whenever you use inferior topcoat materials, it results in yellowing or stain. Such products are unable to reduce bug acids as well. With Clear Zar Shield, you can defend your car’s exterior against acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap. You can avoid glue marks using this option.

Surface Durability: 

Our PPF Coating for Car has layers to avoid harmful contaminants from penetrating. Everything from bug platter to bird droppings, oxidation to UV damage, this product is quite a game-changer that we have today. In short, it helps with debris repelling hydrophobic properties.

Protection against road damage:

It also provides protection against heat containing UV or IR radiation. This unique feature allows car owners to keep their headlights from fogging or fading. Thus, help maintain on-road visibility. Using a PPF coating will help you stop 99% of things that hit your car when on the road.

Self-healing Technology:

It means that Clear Zar Shield provides multi-layer protection to your car. It is made up of polyurethane, adhesives, polyester, and a clear coat. This is done through a process like microreplication. It allows the car paint to react to the heat to heal any surface damage inflicted on the film.

Frequently asked questions

Does PPF cause any damage to the new car paint?

This material is relatively safe to apply for your new car. In fact, many car owners opt for these options against ceramic coating or wax because of their secure application. Since it is a clear paint protection film, it bonds with the paint solidly. 

Can you remove this PPF film?

Yes, since it is a protective film, you can easily remove it. However, you can’t reinstall it after removing it from another vehicle. This is best suited for people who lease a vehicle or want to keep a vehicle for extended periods.

Can you use PPF coating for a car on your headlights?

Yes, you can. If you install Clear Zar Shield on the high-exposed areas, you can protect those areas from rock chips, tree branches, or other debris.  Select the PPF Coating For Car that is perfect for you. It will give your vehicle coverage of around ten years or more.