Ceramic Paint Protection – Restore, Protect and Customize

Ceramic Paint Protection - Restore, Protect and Customize

You always wish that your vehicle stays the same way as the day you first bought it. This is why you make sure to carefully wash it regularly. And apply a new coat of wax every few months. Regardless of so many efforts, many marks and strain start populating your vehicle’s exterior. And a few months later, water spots, grime start clinging to your car. And that too even if you give it a thorough wash. But hey! There is good news. It’s called ceramic paint protection.

This is the best product that will entirely change this narrative. Yes, the ceramic coating will add substantial value to your vehicle. And make it easier for you to wash without the need for any repeated application. 

But before you start looking for the best ceramic coating for cars, it is essential to clear some facts. So, let’s clear the air around it and see what will benefit you in the long run.

First, let’s understand what ceramic coating is.

Ceramic Coating: What is it?

A ceramic coating is a type of liquid polymer that one uses to paint the exterior of a vehicle. The coating bonds with factory paint, thereby creating a layer of protection. It is not any substitute for any paint protection. Instead, it is a premium wax alternative that creates a permanent or semi-permanent layer. Thus, making it brand new without any need for repeated applications.

But what makes it an excellent protective layer?

According to the best car coating services in Chandigarh, a ceramic coating adds another layer of protection to your vehicle’s exterior. It enables the owners to keep the car new, that too with minimal maintenance. 

Here’s how it achieves this result. 

  • It protects your vehicle from UV damage:

    Your vehicle is constantly exposed to the sun. Thus, leading to oxidization of the vehicle’s paint. Hence, your car starts feeling dull. With a layer of ceramic paint protection, one can quickly reduce the issue of oxidization.

  • It protects the vehicle from chemical staining:

    Your car naturally comes in the vicinity of acidic contaminants. Hence, it is always in danger because of chemical staining. With a ceramic coating, you can practically make your car chemically resistant. Also, it will act as a protective layer against staining or etching.

  • It eases the process of cleaning:

    The best ceramic coating for cars is usually hydrophobic. This means that the grime or dirt won’t cling to your vehicle or its paint. Also, whenever you wash your car, it will be relatively easy to remove dirt.

  • It allows you to pop up your paint:

    A good ceramic paint improves the reflective properties of the car’s paint. Further, it adds depth to your paint, thus making it clear.

Now that you are aware of the plethora of benefits of ceramic coating, here are some things that your ceramic coating won’t do!

Ceramic Coating: What It Won’t Help You With?

This coating does add a protective layer to your car’s exterior. So, choosing it will be a good decision. However, despite the claims, it isn’t any miracle product. It won’t help you solve every problem that your car faces.

Here are some things that a ceramic coating won’t help you with:

  • It Won’t Make Your Car Scratch Resistant:

    While you can definitely protect your car from minor scratches, it won’t make your vehicle utterly resistant to the dangers of the swirl marks or rock chips.

  • It doesn’t completely protect your car against water spots:

    Many people presume that ceramic coating can eliminate the issues related to water spotting. While that’s true, some water droplets can stay on the vehicle, causing water spots.

  • It won’t completely eliminate the need for car washing:

    Yes, it will make your car look new. But let’s be honest here. When you move on the road, it is a dirty place. So, your vehicle will get dirty, in the end.

It does mean you don’t have to wax your car, but it doesn’t mean your vehicle will be entirely maintenance-free. It’s just that washing and cleaning will be a lot more comfortable.

What does this mean?

This means that you must be educated about ceramic coatings. Will they add any value or make your life easier? So, if you think, is it worth it? Yes, it is worth it since it will add value to your car in the long run. 

Plus, it will make your life easier and less tedious. Also, you will save a lot on yearly maintenance. So, if you add ceramic paint protection, you can quickly lower the stress levels of maintaining your car.

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